Implement the vision

The Union County School District Board has grappled with the contentious issue of how best to proceed with a county football team.

Some want the team to become an East Union only team where it would compete with other small schools in Division 2A. Others want to proceed as a county-wide team, where it would eventually be classified as 5A, one division larger than New Albany’s classification.
The board voted 3-2 to continue one more year trying to recruit team members from all four county high schools and play as a county, not an East Union, team. We think the board made the right decision.
Supporters of an East Union-only team say students at the other schools have not shown an interest in playing football. Somehow, we don’t think students are much different in Myrtle, West Union or Ingomar as they are at East Union. A certain percentage of students will show interest in football if there is support for it from parents, administrators, teachers, and coaches of other sports at the schools.
In our mind, the school board articulated a strong vision for implementing several county-wide programs – an annual musical production, a band, a football program, and eventually advanced placement classes.
Support for the annual musical production is decent. All of the schools participate. Support for the band program is strong. All of the schools participate.
It is clear that not everyone at all the schools is on the same page with the county board’s vision about football. If they were, there would be adequate participation to develop a county football team.