Keeping up the support for county football

Union County football is a story I have enjoyed watching develop over my time in this area, and the program has been in the spotlight this past month as the debate has started on the team’s future.
Back in April, I was approached with a detailed plan discussing the five-year plan of the program, one which broke down what would happen if the team stayed as it currently is, county wide, and another that showed what would happen if it became solely East Union’s team.
Evaluating the plan, my immediate opinion was that the team should move to East Union. Logistically, the school district would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars less to run the program and the team would dodge having to compete in 5A in two years. The choice seemed obvious.
But luckily for all of you, I’m not paid to voice my opinion, at least not all the time.
After much consideration and two meetings this month, Superintendent Ken Basil and the board announced that the program would remain county wide at least for the next year.
I’ve talked with several people on both sides of the issue this week, and it seems this is the best choice for the upcoming school year.
Do I think that a program that could very well move to East Union after next school year is hurt in this decision? Absolutely. The longer the team is in limbo, the more it will hurt the development of what could be a good program for the school.
But when the board chose to take on this project several years ago, it showed tremendous dedication in making this a county wide deal, providing an opportunity for athletes at each school. They are staying true to their original plan and not giving up on something they still feel can be successful, and you can’t help but support their decision.
No one wants to talk about consolidating the county schools, and I’m not even going to touch that subject, because I don’t feel like being on the receiving end of those phone calls.
So far, the county wide activities have proven successful with the schools as they are, and there’s nothing saying that football cannot work out as well without the big “C” word happening.
Regardless of how you feel on the topic, I think the best choice is to trust what the board has decided and remember that in the end, there is a coaching staff in place that is committed to doing their best and working with every athlete that decides to be apart of the team.
As for me, I’m excited and looking forward to another year watching this program grow.