Support flag project

Perhaps you noticed the American flags on display last Saturday at a number of businesses in New Albany in honor of Armed Forces Day. If not, you’ll have another opportunity as we observe Memorial Day next Monday.

Why are we calling attention to the flags? Because it’s a project of the Kiwanis Club of New Albany and it’s one of the largest sources of income for the club.
“It enables us to support various projects, many of which involve the youth of New Albany and Union County,” said Greg Lawrence, flag committee chair of the club.
Each year the club offers businesses a chance to have the club install and maintain a flag bracket at the business and display a flag in the bracket on special dates during the year.
In addition to the two dates mentioned above, the club puts out the flags on Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day.
The cost to each business is only $30, and is tax deductible.
By participating, businesses not only contribute to community service projects, but also display a spirit of patriotism.
We would like to see more businesses participating. To join the effort, just call Lawrence at 662-534-7661 for information.
We urge all of our local businesses to join the Gazette in support of this community service activity.