It’s a yummy and tasty life

I agree with those folks who say there are two kinds of people in life—those who eat to live and those who live to eat. By looking at my waistline, it’s pretty easy to tell where I fit.

Sometimes I ask my wife what the plan is for eating the next meal before we’ve cleared the dishes from the last one. You’ve got to think ahead, you know.
And Jenny and our son, Joe, just look at each other and roll their eyes as I down the last bite on my plate and announce that it was either “yummy” or “tasty.”
“You always say that,” Jenny says. “To you, everything is either yummy or tasty.”
Well, that’s not quite true, because I have had meals that were neither yummy nor tasty. Sometimes, they’re just “blah.” That’s where the “eat to live” part comes in. Once in a while, I even cook one of them when I’m trying out some new product I’ve found.. Occasionally, I even pronounce my meal “wretched.”
A couple of months ago, I came home with a bottle of something that was supposed to be a curry sauce to pour over stir-fried chicken and vegetables. It tasted a little like bad vinegar; we picked around at the food on our plates for a while and then threw it out.
But generally, I’m easy to please. I was thinking about that as we headed into the holiday weekend because we had a friend visiting from Alabama for four days. To me, it was an excuse to eat lunch and dinner out. Cooking’s not our favorite thing, you know.
Anyway, we had pasta in Oxford one night (mine was tasty), and a chicken breast covered with ham and melted cheese (blah) in Tupelo on another. The rest of the time we stayed in New Albany, where I have several yummy or tasty favorites.
Let’s see, the bacon cheeseburger combo at George’s is always so tasty that I never get around to ordering chicken. And I was way too full to have a cup of George’s ice cream (yummy).
Two lunch times I had salad.  Not really healthy salad, of course. There was Taco Salad at McAlisters (tasty, with yummy tea) and fiesta salad at Tallahatchie Gourmet (so yummy I eat it a couple of times a week).
The other lunch was at one of my new-found favorite restaurants. Jenny says the Chinese family that owns it must have been thinking about me when they named it. It’s the Yummy Delight. It is, too. I guess the Yummy and Tasty Delight wouldn’t have fit on the sign out front.
That left two dinners. We went to Vainisi’s on Friday night for the famous white sauce pizza (yummy and fattening). Downtown was nearly empty; apparently almost everyone in town was at one of the high-school graduations.
Saturday night we decided to eat at home. No, we didn’t spend time in the kitchen or out at the barbecue grill. I was too lazy even for that.
We just popped a big tray of King’s Ranch enchiladas (yummy) from Tallahatchie Gourmet into the oven and made a salad to go with it (tasty).
Whatever happened to losing 15 pounds before we go to the beach at the end of the month? It’s a good thing our friend didn’t stay a whole week.
When I get on the scales, my guess is that I’m going to feel, yes, wretched.

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