Where are They Now?- Agnus Turner

I’m a history nut, especially when it comes to sports. Learning about the tradition of the area schools is something that will never get old to me, and it is for this reason that I am on a quest this summer to not only learn as much as I can, but to also catch up with some of the area’s best former athletes.

I’ll kick off this “Where are They Now?” series with an individual who remains a staple in the community. From her playing days at Myrtle to now watching her children and their success at New Albany, Agnes Turner uses her platform to give back to the area.
Graduating in 1990, Turner has used her time with her children, Jazmine and Malcolm Spears, to help volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club and spends even more time in the community through her job as a manager at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center. From working with Habitat for Humanity to Relay for Life, Turner enjoys how community-oriented her job is, and to top it off, she happens to have two talented children taking after her, playing basketball.
“I’ve always enjoyed the game, and when Jazmine was young, I could tell that she had that potential,” she said. “This is one nice, extra thing that we have in common, but I’ll admit I’m not as good as she is.”
Turner started playing for the Lady Hawks when she was in the sixth grade, and noted her strength on the court was her rebounding, something she could pass on to her children through family pick-up games.
“We would play in the yard against one another, me and Jazmine against Malcolm and their dad, and that was a great time to show them things and have fun,” she said.
“It was fun to watch Jazmine post up against her dad, because she’s just about as strong as him, and it was a good lesson for her, as she was able to learn how to go up against and handle players bigger than her.”
And Jazmine has learned a lot, as she is among the top players in the state. Both her and her older brother were also among the leaders of their respective squads this past season.
Though her playing days are now behind her, Turner spends a majority of her time watching both Jazmine and Malcolm, who had the chance to play on the biggest stage in Mississippi, the 4A State Tournament. Malcolm is now a  graduate of New Albany High School and Jazmine will enter her junior year, leading a fresh-faced, young Lady Bulldog squad that enters the 2011 season as the defending State Champions in 4A.
And Turner can smile and enjoy the ride, knowing that she has passed on her love for the game, and all of this success started playing pick-up games in their yard.