Praise for community support

Dear Editor:

Ever once in a while something happens that just blows your mind and last 
(Friday) night was one of those rare times when even your wildest expectations just  get so far exceeded that you just can’t believe what just happened.

A salute to all who planned and executed the Night Out for the Trouts. A hearty thank you to the thousands of people who participated. Thank God for New Albany and  Union County. Amen.
I don’t know who all was on the organizing committee, but I must say wow—you  guys made it happen.  If I were running for political office again, I would  want you guys to be my organizing group.  Y’all did an outstanding job.
I could name a few names, but I would be leaving off many who helped. Just for the record, you all did a bang-up job.  I salute you all and New Albany High School for allowing use of the facilities for this event.
Again, I was and still am blown away by this outpouring of community spirit  and willingness to help this obviously loved young couple.  New Albany and  Union County friends, I salute you.  Job well done and God bless you all. Amen.

Bill Kitchens
New Albany