Annexing near Toyota

We understand homeowners’ concerns about the Blue Springs plan to more than double the size of the village, both in area and population, through annexation.

The proposal would annex most of the land separating the village from the Toyota plant property. The land is along the north side of Interstate 22 (U.S. 78) at the Blue Springs exit.
Homeowners wanted to know at a hearing Monday if their property taxes would go up, if there will be a sewage system to serve the area, and what other city services will be made available.
Annexation is a multi-step process that includes the public hearing, followed by a ruling by the judge about whether to approve or deny the annexation.
 If all goes smoothly, the process likely will be concluded sometime this summer.
Once annexation is completed, the village would have five years to provide basic village services to property owners who will be coming into the city.
Part of any tax increase to property owners is expected to be made up in reduced fire insurance costs because the fire rating will improve.
It’s a trade off, but annexation is important to prevent willy-nilly unplanned and unregulated development near the plant that would result in the area becoming an eyesore. Problems created by such development are expensive to fix after they occur.
Blue Springs has made the right move to head off a lot of potential problems. The annexation should be approved, and the county Board of Supervisors should begin looking at strong regulations for areas outside city and village limits.