Four lawyers seek city attorney job

Four local lawyers already have applied for the job of attorney for the City of New Albany, and another may add his name to the pool.

Mayor Tim Kent said that the list includes Joe Davis, the current county prosecutor; Bobby Carter, the former city attorney; and local lawyers Chandler Rogers and Bob Cornelius.

Kent said that he also has heard that local lawyer Regan Russell may be interested, but he has not yet turned in a resume.

New Albany is searching for a lawyer to succeed Roger McMillin, who has resigned the position, effective July 1. McMillin has accepted a job with Morris and McDaniel, an international human resources consulting firm based in Alexandria, Va.

McMillin will not be moving away from his home in New Albany, but will be traveling for the company, handling projects in the U.S.

The company, which has a large office in Jackson, has obtained a major new contract that will require a lot of work in San Antonio, McMillin said Thursday.

McMillin worked for the company doing contract work in Iraq before taking the city attorney job in February of last year.

The mayor said McMillin has told the Board of Aldermen that he will be available to help with city business in July, if necessary.

Kent said the board likely will decide on a new city attorney at its regular meeting July 5.

One issue to be researched is whether Davis could hold the city job while serving in the voter-elected position of county prosecutor. Kent said the city would need to seek a state attorney general’s opinion should the board wish to consider Davis. Carter preceded McMillin as city attorney, but was fired by the board.

 The mayor said the city hopes to pay the new city attorney about the same amount that it has been paying McMillin—about $25,000 or maybe slightly more. The city attorney is permitted to maintain a private law practice while being employed by the city.