County schools work on weight rooms

Keeping up with competition is important, and the Union County School District is doing its part to stay on par with others in the state, adding and improving weight rooms at each of the schools.

“Our goal is to make sure that every athlete in the county has the chance to work out in the weight room,” Superintendent Ken Basil said. “In some ways, we’re behind athletically because our kids are not in the weight room, and this will help them become bigger and stronger, allowing them to remain competitive.”
Union County Head Football Coach Scott Duley is directing the county with the new program, providing weight training plans that other coaches will adjust and apply to their respective program. Basil stressed the importance weight training, a program that has become bigger in recent years.
“When I coached, it was not as important as it is today,” he said. “Our coaches have seen first hand what it can do, and if we want to stay competitive, this is the step we need to take.”
Approximately $25,000 was issued to both Ingomar and Myrtle to establish buildings that will house the new weight rooms, while East Union and West Union received between $5,000 and $7,000 geared toward improvements. The money was provided for materials, such as lighting, mirrors and mats in order to improve the already existing rooms at both schools.
Basil stressed that the equipment will benefit all athletes in the county, not just the co-op football program. Each school is working toward having their rooms ready by the beginning of the school year.