East Union names new softball coaches

It has been 10 years since Josh Blythe has played at East Union and he marks the milestone reunion by returning to his alma mater as the head coach of slow pitch softball.

The 2002 graduate has remained in the community and received his initial coaching experience working at Guntown for three years. While in Guntown, Blythe worked with fast pitch softball, girls basketball and track, and now looks forward to building on what former Head Coach Andy Kirk has established with the Lady Urchins.
“This is a great opportunity for me to come back home,” Blythe said.  “Coach Kirk has built a great foundation for this team in a year, and I know I’m taking over an experienced program. The girls have been here and played a lot, and I’m excited, expecting big things from them.”
Blythe becomes the fourth coach in as many years, but entering the job with knowledge of his team is important and will help in the beginning stages.
“I already know some of the girls since I’ve stayed real involved at church at Blue Springs,” he said. “There are still several girls that I do not know very well, but we have about a month to start piecing things together, and I’m excited with the possibilities.”
Along with his softball responsibilities, Blythe will assist Chris Basil with baseball, a dream opportunity for the former Urchin.
“I played for Coach Basil for four years, and this is a dream for me,” he said. “To be able to work with him is great, and I’m very excited to be a part of the program again.”
Also approved by the Union County School Board is the return of Brad Brown as the head coach of the fast pitch program. Brown previously worked with both slow pitch and fast pitch before the 2009-2010 school year and returned as an assistant for fast pitch this last season.
Assisting Blythe and Brown will be Pamela Warrington, who assisted in both sports last school year.