NAPC upgrades disc golf course

Avid fans of disc golf are sure to enjoy the renovations  to the course at the New Albany Sportsplex, which completed construction last week.

An effort by the New Albany Park Commission, which began last December, the disc golf course has noticable improvements, beginning with the entire course now playing on the north side of Highway 78, the same side the new tennis courts and soccer field will be located.
“The redevelopment and restructuring of this disc golf course adds to the future of the north side of Interstate 22, and it’s really adds to the sports lifestyle we’re trying to have here in New Albany and Union County,” NAPC employee Chase Jeter said.
“I think it’s a really good thing for the kids, when you drive up to our new tennis courts and soccer fields and you see a family playing disc golf, it’s going to add to the family exposure of the Sportsplex.”
The 18 hole course now features signs, sponsored by residents and businesses, which details the par and distance of each hole. Also added are tee boxes and signs by the baskets showing players where to go for the next tee. The NAPC workers credit these additions to the efforts of Hunter Surles and the Union County Leadership Academy, who worked earlier this year for sponsorships for the signs at each hole.
“You couldn’t have done anything without the help and contributions from the community,” Jeter said. “The signs and the want to to get this course here is phenomenal. Hunter Surles was very important and a key factor in this.”
The new course, as described by the United States Disc Golf Association, is a white level course, which is second on the list of difficulty. Park Director Kevin Crawford noted that the course is only eight feet shy of being a blue level course, the most difficult by USDGA standards. NAPC employee Terry Ball also credited both the full time and part time staff for their contributions to the new course.
“We started working on this back in December, cleaning it out, getting in there and making it look good,” Ball said.
“We had help from the fulltime guys and some of the summer workers, they all pitched in and wanted to make it look good and benefit the public.”
With the completion of the new course, the town hopes to once again hold tournaments and attract people from outside Union County.
“We want to add some different sports out here,” NAPC employee Steve Treadaway said. “We’re known for baseball and softball, but we want to add something different for people who are interested in recreational sports and bring their family and kids.”
The new course is now open at the Sportsplex, and for more information on disc golf, you can visit either the USDGA Facebook page (search for USDGA- disc golf association) or the Professional Disc Golf Association website at