Thanks for East Union road improvement

To the Editor:
While educators are always concerned with academic progress and student achievement, they must also be acutely aware of student safety. Parents want to know that their children are safe at school. The East Union administration recently proposed a plan to relocate the school bus loading and unloading zone. The purpose for this proposed change was to minimize safety risks for our students.

By constructing a road from the rear of the Henderson Building to Highway 9 south of the elementary building, students will not have to cross the parking lot to load buses and can load and unload buses near canopies when it rains.
In addition, parents and other caregivers that transport children to and from school in personal vehicles will be in less danger. There will now be two drop off/pick up spots for car rider students. This should take waiting vehicles off the highway.
We are very grateful for the 4th district supervisor, Randy Owen, and the 5th district supervisor, Benny Rakestraw for providing manpower, equipment, culverts, and advice for our newly constructed road.
The supervisors also provided several loads of dirt needed to construct the road. When the supervisors used all the dirt they had on hand, they asked permission to excavate dirt from Paul Smithey’s property. We are very grateful to Paul Smithey for the dirt and the wonderful football field he built for us at East Union.
We want to acknowledge the outstanding leadership of our superintendent, Ken Basil, and Union County School Board members: Mickey Basil, Terry Cook, Buddy Dixon, Wayne Mahon, and Johnny Rakestraw.
We appreciate the generosity displayed by Ken Basil and the board for providing support for our school bus loading project. These men along with the central office staff are very supportive of all the county schools and provide assistance in many ways. Thank you to Ken Basil and the board for helping to create a safer school environment for the East Union children.
Schools must depend upon help from others to provide for the education, safety, and positive development of the local children. We are fortunate to have many caring and generous individuals in our community that are willing to share their resources for the benefit of children.
Thank you to these gentlemen, our PTO, Athletic Boosters’ Club, and many others that do wonderful things for the children of our community.  

Ray Kennedy   
East Union Attendance Center