Debt ceiling arguments political

Dear Editor:

The President suggested in his speech  that we contact our representatives and congressmen  and give them our views.

 I tried to send an e-mail to all of them but for some reason the e-mail addresses are so long my  computer failed to send so this morning I telephoned Mr. Nunnelee, Mr. Wicker and Mr. Cochran’s offices.
 Mr. Wicker’s  office gave me recording that he was unavailable. However, I spoke with an employee at the other offices and gave them my views on the debt ceiling standoff.
 I wonder just how many (ordinary) people know just how many times the debt ceiling has been raised since the days of John F. Kennedy? According to my research, it has been raised 77 times. Check it out!
So why the bit hullabaloo over raising it now? Politics.
That is just my opinion, but no one raised a stink when Reagan, Bush Numbers 1 and 2 raised it. Does anyone besides me wonder why this is?
I have voted for Ike Eisenhower, Ralph Nader, “Tricky Dick” Nixon, ,JKK and feel that I am pretty broad minded on most issues. But I feel the reason the Republicans are doing this thing of wanting a short term of raising the ceiling is because they are first of all just wanting to have another try at trying to discredit the President and we will just have a big waste of time arguing  this thing.
 This President inherited the biggest mess in the history of this country and the Republicans, instead of trying to help him straighten it out all they do is nit pick.
 Is this sour grapes, racism, or some of both?
Martha Hardy