Youth in the theater

A number of area youth will be showing off their acting talent this week as the Tallahatchie River Players stage a youth production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

A majority of the cast members and production crew of the play are college age or below and the cast is primarily comprised of children in grades 5 through 9.
 “I specifically wanted the cast to be, and recruited the crew to be led by, young thespians,” Renee Reid, director of the play, said. “It is the goal of TRP and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer production team to allow the children of New Albany, Union County and surrounding areas to experience all aspects of theater production and to become intimately involved in the myriad of tasks it takes to produce such a show.”
The fact that the Tallahatchie River Players, a community-based theater group, undertakes a youth production is something for the community to be proud of. It presents special challenges and TRP should be applauded for making the effort.
Some tickets still remain for the production, which will be staged at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Cine Theater of at the Magnolia Civic Center. Tickets are $10.
The Tallahatchie River Players and our young thespians and crew deserve community support. The best way to show that is with a sold-out house all three nights.