School opens, slow down

School started this week in both New Albany and Union County and we are concerned about whether drivers are being extra careful.

We see drivers speeding through residential areas (and even school zones) at 35 to 45 miles per hour, often while talking on cell phones. That is too fast in residential areas at any time of year, but becomes especially problematic during the school year.
When the school year starts, we also have more teenage drivers on the road during morning commute time. We’re not against students driving to school, but it behooves the rest of us to be extra careful to help prevent an accident.
We also are seeing more drivers of all ages texting while driving, an activity that easily can result in tragic consequences.
Another difficult problem this year is the condition of Highway 15 in New Albany. Construction is underway the entire length of the route through the city, and the biggest mess at the moment appears to be the stretch of road in front of New Albany High School.
All of us need to slow down on Highway 15 and be courteous about allowing drivers to enter or exit the highway over the ragged edges of the highway.
We also need a reminder about stopped school buses.
It is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus from either direction while the bus has its red lights flashing. This is a particular problem in rural areas where children often have to cross a busy highway after getting off the bus.
We want our schools and our children to have a safe year. All of us have a role in making that happen.