It’s a new season. Sigh.

It’s a new season. No, it’s not fall. It’s the busy season; at least, it is around our house.

It’s the time when we’re involved in so many things that we wonder what we did with all that free time during the rest of the year.
That’s what I was thinking about as we drove to Oxford Sunday afternoon to help my wife get her 4th grade language-arts classroom ready for another week.
It’s become a beginning-of-the-school-year ritual.
Our son Joe and I spend a couple of hours moving desks and cleaning them with disinfectant wipes, making copies, reorganizing the classroom library, stowing away the students’ school supplies and putting up charts, while she writes lesson plans and adds and subtracts students from her class.
In another week, the work detail will shrink as Joe returns to the classroom at the University of Mississippi with a schedule that includes computer science, chemistry and calculus – all topics I avoided when I was in college because I would have thought them too hard.
Actually, I don’t think there was any such thing as computer science at the time, but you get the point.
And the rest of the week is getting more crowded, too. This Friday, we’re going to drop in on New Albany Main Street Association’s event, Arts, Beats & Eats, an evening of arts, music and food at the In Bloom event room on Bankhead.
Main Street Manager Vickie Duke is trying something new and it sounds like fun. Tickets are only $10.
We’ll go for the music and the food; we’ve run out of space for any more art.
And it’s time for fall sports. I know that because we’ve got a glossy Fall Sports Preview magazine in your Gazette today. It includes previews of the city and county football, softball and cross-country teams.
If it seems awfully early for football, it is. Prep football starts a week earlier this year and the New Albany Bulldogs even a day earlier than that. They’re playing Thursday night at Ripley.
And it won’t be long until the college season opens. Jenny and I love college football and this year we’re going to miss some of our favorite teams on television because we’ll be at a game.
 We’ve been going to college games ever since we have been married, first at Clemson in South Carolina, then the University of North Alabama in Florence. Now that Ole Miss is close by, we decided we’ll hang out there on home game Saturdays.
 Oh, and Tallahatchie RiverFest is coming up. It’ll kick off Sept. 23 this year with a revival of the Friday community lunch in the all-purpose room of First United Methodist Church. During the lunch, catered by Tallahatchie Gourmet, the winners of the William Faulkner Literary Competition will be announced. The annual contest is made possible by a grant from the Gazette.
Although I joke about missing all my free time, I won’t really. I love to get out of the house, meet new people, eat new food (!), and reconnect with my community.
And the best part of all? I’ll have one more excuse to put off household chores.

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at