Voters return to the polls next Tuesday

Union County voters will all return to the polls on Tuesday for the Democratic and Republican primary runoffs, though some may only have a very short field of races on the ballot.

County-wide, residents voting in the Democratic primary will have to choose between Anthony Anderson and Jimmy Edwards for determination of that party’s nominee for Union County Sheriff.
Meanwhile, District One voters will decide to either give the supervisor nomination back to Dwight “Peanut” Pickens or challenger William “Bill” Hancock.
In the Second District Supervisor race, voters must pick either incumbent Sammy Coffey or Jimmy Yarbrough as the Democratic party candidate.
Voters in the 4th House of Representatives District will have to choose either James Nunnally or Jody Steverson, while voters in the 13th District will choose either Billy B. Gray or Don Randolph as their House nominee.
County-wide, Democrats will vote for either Johnny L. DuPree or Bill Luckett in the governor’s race.
In the local Republican primary runoff, District Three voters must vote for either David Kent or Wade Ligon to be the nominee in the Supervisor race.
In the state treasurer’s race, voters will choose between Lynn Fitch and Lee Yancey to be the Republican nominee.
Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford said that voters who participated in the Aug. 2 primary are required to vote in  the same party during Tuesday’s runoffs.  In other words, if a resident voted in the Democratic party two weeks ago, he or she must vote in that same party on Tuesday, and Republican voters must vote the same way as well.