Friday night is ‘Day time’

If you’re looking for Spencer Day on the sideline, he’ll be easy to spot, off to the side, standing alone. And he would rather it be that way, as did his predecessor.
The junior has jumped into the leading role of the Bulldogs’ offense, a spot that has been familiarly filled by Tyler Basil. He’ll admit there’s pressure, but he’s taking everything in stride.
“Quarterback is a leadership position. I’m the leader of the offense, and it’s my job to get us going,” he said. “It’s a lot of pressure, probably more on the leadership role other than the quarterback position. I just have to make sure we’re all intact every play.”
Day spent plenty of time learning from Basil and added to that, attending summer camps at Mississippi State and the University of North Alabama as well as working with Oxford High’s quarterback coach, Stan Hill.
“I worked as hard as I could, physically, this summer, and Basil did a good job of teaching me things, so I was nervous but excited to get going,” he said.
One thing Day noticed throughout last season was how separated Basil was from the rest of the team during games. Now with the starting role in his hands, he experiences first hand the gameday pressure and the need to focus throughout the game.
“I’d wonder why he did things, but now that I’m in those shoes, I know exactly why he did them,” Day said. “I would wonder why he wasn’t mingling with everyone, but I realized you have to have a clear mind, so I like to stay away from everyone, just little things like that.”
As far as the competition between him and fellow junior Marcus Reed, Day views it as more of a learning experience than a contest.
“It’s been fun, and he’ll help me because he has more game time experience than me, so he’ll help me with that and talking about what he’s done in the past to overcome some obstacles, and I’ll help him learn our plays,” he said. “I’m taking it in stride and done what I could with it.”
As far as the pressures of keeping up New Albany’s winning tradition, Day is excited to be in this position and ready for whatever comes his way.
“I’m not used to having a target on my back wearing a New Albany uniform, so it’s a great feeling, kind of bitter sweet because we’re used to being the underdogs with our backs against the wall, surprising people,” he said. “Everyone is out to get us this year considering what we did to them last year, so it just makes us work harder so they don’t have their way. We just have to keep winning and carry on the tradition we’ve started.”