City passes benefits for attorney

New Albany’s prosecuting attorney and city judge positions will carry medical benefits in the next fiscal year, city officials say.

New Albany Mayor Tim Kent said that the New Albany Board of Aldermen recently voted 4-1 to approve a measure that will be placed in the city’s 2011-2012 budget to attach medical benefits to the two jobs.
Alderman-At-Large Scott Dunnam voted against the proposal.
Dunnam said he dissented in the vote because he considered both the prosecuting attorney and city judge jobs to be part-time positions.  According to the city’s handbook, he said, part-time jobs do not carry medical benefits.
Kent, however, said he believed other members of the board felt that those two jobs weren’t considered to be part-time because they aren’t hourly positions.
“We pay those two people a small salary, so the thinking is that they’re not really part-time,” Kent said.  “A couple of [the board members] felt that it was a moot point, because the city attorney also receives medical benefits.”  
The board voted earlier this month to hire Bobby Carter to replace current city attorney Reagan Russell as the prosecutor at a $16,000 salary.  
Steve Livingston currently serves as the city judge.
The board has until Sept. 15 to approve and adopt the 2011-2012 city budget.