Holiday Inn expansion

The complete makeover and expansion of New Albany’s Holiday Inn Express will add significantly to the city’s hospitality industry and the tax revenue it generates for our area.

The hotel’s façade, its lobby and its 49 rooms have been remodeled with a decidedly more upscale look, and a major building project under way at the rear of the hotel will add 26 rooms and 1,000-square feet of meeting space.
In addition, a new outdoor pool and patio area has been constructed beside the hotel. The hotel’s former pool was in the front parking lot.
The hotel is owned by Jackie’s International, a Canton-based company with more than 70 hotel and restaurant properties in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee.
The company is owned by the Sethi family, and the company is a story of a rags-to-riches fulfillment of the American dream for an immigrant family from India.
Sunny Sethi, vice president of operations for the hotel division, was in town last week along with Holiday Inn executives to host an open house and reception.
He praised BNA Bank for financing the expansion and for its confidence in the company and the hospitality industry.
We cannot over stress the importance of the current expansion project, because it assures the continued Holiday Inn Express label in our community and a continued presence of the Sethi family company here. The family, the hotel and its employees are recognized as good community partners.
Our hospitality industry continues to grow and the Sethi family hotel is a significant player in that growth.