Newsome quietly leads NA offense

The smaller guys seem to be the ones that pack the most punch when it comes to the running game at New Albany. Following Kareem Brown and Kelvin Worship is junior Boston Newsome, who is quietly leading the Bulldogs’ offense three games into the season.
“When Kelvin left, I was told I would have big shoes to fill, and plus, I play both sides of the ball, so it’s very tough,” Newsome said. “I had to step up this year to prove myself, just because everyone thinks I’m so little. I’m proving  that I can do anything if I work hard.”
Newsome has done a good job so far, leading the ‘Dawgs on the ground, averaging 5.15 yards per carry and 115 yards per game. And don’t think no one hasn’t already compared him to his predecessors.
“I had someone compare me to Kareem already this year, because I run somewhat like him, but I’m just trying to put my own name out there,” he laughed. “I knew how Kareem ran, with more speed and he was more elusive. Kelvin ran as more of a power back; he could hit the holes better then run with a lot of speed. I tried to learn from both of them while they were the go-to guys.”
Not only does Newsome have big shoes to fill, but there’s another former back with a record he would like to break before he leaves New Albany.
“Coach (Josh) Davis wanted me to get 1,800 yards this year and break Jeremy Cannon’s record, so I’ve set my goals,” he said. “I think I’m doing pretty good so far with 345 yards after three games, but we’ll see how it goes the rest of the season.”
Newsome is one of several new faces starting on offense, and he admits they’ve had their struggles so far, but with hard work and dedication from everyone, he feels they will come together as a unit and be successful.
“It’s been a big rush with all of this on offense,” he said. “We’re just working on coming together and playing our hearts out and seeing what happens.”
As far as what he expects for the rest of the season, Newsome has team goals he would like to see accomplished for the 2-1 Bulldogs, as they take on Amory tonight and work toward a third straight playoff appearance.
“Everyone needs to stick together and have better attitudes, be more serious in practice and we’ll be better as a team.”