Recycling used bikes urged

Dear editor:

I am a bike enthusiast and I have enjoyed the lifestyle that biking encourages. Last month my wife and I met two middle school children riding around New Albany on bikes much too small for them.

My wife commented we should give the young men the two bikes we had sitting in our garage. Both my wife and I are school teachers so we knew both of them and invited them to follow us home for the bikes. When they got to our house we pumped up the bikes, showed them how to adjust the brakes, seat, and gave them a DVD of the Tour de France in hopes that they would become avid cycling enthusiast.
The young men were so excited as they rode off. The next day my wife and I were driving to Walmart and we saw the students riding their bikes.
This leads me to why I am writing this letter. I would like to survey the New Albany community for their willingness to scrounge their basements, garages, and sheds for their old used bikes. Slightly tune them up to make them “rideable” (air in the tires, brakes functional) and, finally, call me. My phone number is 662-598-1030.
 Once the bike is ready, please call me and I will connect your old bike with a child who will use it. There are multiple reasons why this is important: obesity prevention, longevity of life, and quality of life to mention a few.
Please include bikes of all sizes. Bikes for children from three years to 18 years: road bikes, mountain bikes, or hybrid bikes.
If I do not answer the phone please leave a message.

Robert Garrett
New Albany High School