County cuts $250,000 in expenses

The county’s budgeted expenditures decreased approximately $255,000 from last year to this year.

According to County Administrator Terry Johnson, of that money, approximately $138,000 was from the Small Municipalities Limited Populations Counties grant that was used for the renovation of the Union County Chancery Courtroom.
The reason for the decrease was for completed projects like the Chancery Courtroom renovation and because the county paid off Mississippi Business Investment Act bonds and capital improvement loans, loans that the county has been paying on for approximately 15 years.
Johnson said, “Expenditures went down primarily because of completed grant projects and debt being paid off. Also, the Board of Supervisors have not increased the county’s tax millage rate in 11 years.”
The Union County School District’s tax millage rate has increased for the past five years. This year, the rate went up 2.14 mills.
Nothing changed in regards to tax levies for the library fund, bridges and culverts, road construction and maintenance, general county fund, New Haven Center for Special Needs Adults, volunteer fire fepartments, and Northeast Mississippi Community College.
The next reguarly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting will be held at 10 a.m. next Monday.