Well, it looks easy on TV

They make it look so easy on Home & Garden Television. The crew shows up, takes a look at some dated, boring-looking house and turns out a design to spruce it up.

A few days later, voila, the place has new curb appeal. It’s a good thing, too, I guess, because that’s the show’s name – “Curb Appeal.”
It really looks simple. But, at least for me, it isn’t.
Right now, I’m worrying about paint. Getting just the right color always has been my biggest problem.
In the past, I’ve just picked a color and started painting. If it didn’t turn out, I would get more paint and do it over. When we lived in Florence, Ala., we painted our home office three times. Even then, we never really liked the color.
But that was a little problem, repainting a room. If I need to repaint a whole building, well, that could be a much bigger problem.
The Gazette needs a makeover, doesn’t it? Those of you who come to pick up your paper at the building on Carter Avenue won’t hurt my feelings if you agree with me.
The tan brick out front looks nice, but the front is really the side. It doesn’t face the street.  And the side is really the front, or at least the part that faces the street. Confusing, isn’t it?
And what you really see coming down Carter Avenue from downtown is the back.  It’s a long stretch of white cinder-block building. At least, it is somewhat white. It was all white once,   but now it has a blotchy look from where the paint has peeled off all the blocks.
So we’ve decided to paint the building. Well, not really.
Actually, we’ve decided to have the building painted.  I get dizzy when I climb higher than three steps on a ladder.
This is a big step for us; the Gazette was last painted 20 years ago. And the building is so   large, it’s a big project, even for a “real” painter. Painting it over because the color doesn’t look quite right isn’t going to be an option.
So I’m worrying about paint. The safest route, of course, would be to repaint it white. But after 20 years, I’m thinking we need a change.
Why not paint it taupe? several people suggested. It would go well with the tan brick on the front (side?) of the building and an earth tone would give the building an updated look.
Taupe – that’s a good choice, I thought. I came back from the paint store with a handful of samples and a realization that taupe is a lot of colors.
Some of them clash with tan brick, too.
I’ve looked at the colors. Mike Foster, our production manager, and other colleagues at the Gazette looked at the colors. My wife even came down to the Gazette and looked at the colors. And we made a choice.
Well, maybe we’ve made a choice. The more I look at the sample, the more I think it looks like brown. I hate brown.
This is not the way they do it on Home & Garden Television. They’re decisive and it looks great.
It’s only paint. But it’s paint we’ll all look at for the next 20 years..
I hope I’m not remembered as the guy who painted the Gazette an ugly brown.

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at publisher@newalbanygazette.com.