Myrtle, New Albany crowned county champions

 New county champions were crowned in tight races at East Union on Saturday, as Myrtle girls and New Albany boys took home top honors.


Runners from West Union finished atop the varsity girls and boys races, as Savannah Shirley finished first by forty-one seconds over Myrtle's Kitana High. The Lady Hawks boasted six of the top 12 runners in the race, giving them a one-point edge over the Lady Eagles, 32-33.

“I thought we did good,”  Myrtle coach Chris Greer said. “We're still not one hundred percent there, and West Union ran great. It was a great meet. We've got two more meets, so we can only hope to get better. I'm proud of them. Both high school and junior high, all four teams ran good for me today.”

West Union had four finish in the top 12, while Katie Rowan was the top finisher for East Union, finishing seventh; Sydney Roberts in 15th for Ingomar and Laura Creekmore in 18th for New Albany. Greer credited his team's effort, led by High, who has stepped up in place of Halle Knowles, who is recovering from an injury.

“She's been doing that all year,” Greer said. “She's picked it up since Halle's been injured, and Samantha Shettles really picked it up today as well as Geniesha Howell and Ivory Montgomery. We had six in the top 12, and that's really good.”

Hunter Jennings was the top finisher in the boys race, representing West Union, but four Bulldogs, led by senior Daniel Drummond, helped guide New Albany to a three-point finish over East Union, 44-47.

“It's a great feeling,” Drummond said. “We've worked really hard this year to accomplish many things, so it's definitely great thing to accomplish.”

Justin Pickens finished third to lead Myrtle, followed by Cody Bo Dillard in fourth for East Union. Ingomar's top finisher was Tyler Warren in eighth. Drummond spoke of New Albany's difficult practices, which helped the 'Dawgs pick up the title in a very open boys race.

“Lately we've been doing a lot of speed work, trying to improve our finishes and starts,” he said. “We do a lot of distance, three to five miles sometimes, and we have a really hard course at our high school, so we're definitely prepared for races like this. This one was difficult.”

Below are the results for the varsity and junior varsity races.


Varsity Girls

1. Savannah Shirley, WU 16:45

2. Kitana High, Myrtle 17:26

3. Samantha Bridges, WU 17:30

4. Samantha Shettles, Myrtle 17:33

5. Mallory Newby, WU 17:41

6. Halle Knowles, Myrtle 17:49

7. Katie Rowan, EU 17:54

8. Haleigh Synder, EU 18:00

9. Geniesha Howell, Myrtle 18:01:18

10. Marley Long, WU 18:01:84

11. Rachel Peeler, Myrtle 18:06

12. Ivory Montgomery, Myrtle 18:36

13. Beth Skelley, EU 18:40

14. Lizzi Higgins, WU 18:45

15. Sydnesy Roberts, Ingomar 18:47:18


Team Standings:

Myrtle 32

West Union 33

East Union 61

Ingomar 131

New Albany 131


Varsity Boys

1. Hunter Jennings, WU 18:22

2. Daniel Drummond, New Albany 19:04

3. Justin Pickens, Myrtle 19:24

4. Cody Bo Dillard, EU 19:28

5. Andrian Crockett, New Albany 19:36

6. William Hardin, New Albany 19:46

7. Brett Rakestraw, EU 19:49

8. Tyler Warren, Ingomar 19:50

9. Jonathan Valle, EU 20:00:14

10. Joey Pace, EU 20:00:65

11. Taylor Hogue, Myrtle 20:10

12. John Wilson, New Albany 20:11

13. Darrius King, Myrtle 20:18

14. Brandon Crane, WU 20:30

15. Austin Hamngton, WU 20:38


Team Standings:

New Albany 44

East Union 47

West Union 69

Myrtle 71

Ingomar 127


Junior Varsity Girls

1. Megan Lowrey, Myrtle 15:34

2. Laken Dulaney, Myrtle 16:18

3. Ally Cicowski, EU 16:24

4. Caroline Greer, Myrtle 16:30

5. Tianna Castillo, EU 16:40

6. Ellie Fitts, Myrtle 16:58

7. Rachel Thomas, EU 17:17

8. Amber, EU 17:18

9. Carley Lawrence, EU 17:26

10. Hallie Brown, Myrtle 17:27


Team Standings:

Myrtle 22

East Union 35


Junior Varsity Boys

1. Andrew Childers, WU 14:21

2. Jason Rakestraw, EU 14:33

3. Hunter Nobles, EU 14:34

4. Zack Cicowski, EU 15:03

5. Josh Sampson, Myrtle 1:13

6. Cody Taylor, EU 15:29

7. VP Correro, WU 15:45

8. Hunter Bailey, Myrtle 15:54

9. Josh, EU 15:59

10. Brady Hogue, Myrtle 16:12


Team Standings:

East Union 24

Myrtle 47

West Union 49