Thanks for downtown displays

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank all the downtown merchants that participated in the “Fall Display Contest.”   Every one of them was fantastic.  There were 20 merchants that participated and credit is due all of them for their hard work, creativity, and dedication to give back to the beautification of the downtown business district.

They are BNA Bank, Mimi’s Bookstore, New Albany City Hall, Channel 99, The Bead Shack, Eaton, Babb, and Smith, Something Special, Obsessions, Bab’s and Rick’s, In Bloom, Barkley Travel, Southern Traditions, Merle Norman, Two Doors Down, Sugarees, The Coffee Addict, T. Sappingtons, Tallahatchie Gourmet, Diane Tate with MODA, and The Studio.
I hope that everyone that has visited downtown has enjoyed these exhibits.  This was the first year that so many of the merchants have gotten together for a “Fall Display Contest” and I hope that more of the merchants will participate next year. The good news is that we had 20 winners in this contest.  Unfortunately somebody had to make a decision on who was the ultimate winner.  The day of RiverFest, the winner was decided by the people who attended and they chose Mimi’s Bookstore.  The next vote was made by 17judges that were selected by me.  These judges were ordinary folks that had no ties to any of the merchants or civic clubs.  The votes were tallied and the top five were: 1st place-In Bloom; 2nd place-Bab’s and Rick’s; 3rd place-The Bead Shack; 4th place-BNA Bank; 5th place-Tallahatchie Gourmet .The two first place winners will receive a certificate and “Braggin’ Rights” for a year.  So everybody get ready and start thinking about what to do next year.  I hope to have enough participation to rival Pontotoc’s displays and all the other surrounding communities.  Let’s show them what we mean when we say “Come see who we are.”
Last, but certainly not least I would like to thank the New Albany Garden Club, Historic Northside Garden Club, Dogwood Hills Garden Club, and the Union County Master Gardeners for their dedication and hard work in helping spruce up the town for “RiverFest” and the fall season with their awesome displays at the four major corners to the downtown district.
I would also like to extend my thanks to the UCDA and Main Street offices for their help and blessing on this project.
Once again my heartfelt thanks go out to everyone that participated in this endeavor.

Tim Burress
New Albany