It was the typical Thursday morning with Bible study heading the day’s agenda. I loaded my book bag and purse and left our driveway at 7:30 – right on schedule. The heated seat was reason for praise – a winter preview had made a grand entrance.

Over the Tallahatchie, Etta’s landmark, and up the winding hill past Hwy 349 – buses and cars were converging into Hwy 30. I rounded the next curve and WHAM! It blinded me! The rising sun had hit full intensity and totally filled my view with its blazing light. My windshield, still spotted from the last rain, didn’t help matters.

I immediately slowed the car to a crawl as I crept toward that section of the highway where I would be free of the blinding light. The curve straightened out, but my mind rotated backwards. That was the same early morning fall rays that slowed our vehicle down when Tahya, Eli and I went to school at West Union. I remembered that spot that told us our earth was altering its tilt, and winter was on its way. “UMM,” I sighed to myself. If “Memories” had been playing on the radio, I would have had to pull off the highway and blown my nose!

Before that memory was faded, I recalled taking Mother to her beauty shop appointment on Fridays. It had been that same treacherous sun-blazed curve that convinced her she wanted me to become her chauffer. She had struggled to maintain her independence after Daddy died, but that pre-winter blind spot on Hwy 30 won the struggle.

How different everything was now. Eli and Tahya are involved in transporting their own children to school and live three and a half hours from our Etta driveway – in opposite directions. The days of carrying Mother to appointments are no more.

It was with those nostalgic thoughts that another light popped on in my mind. God’s creation of man’s habitat was still orbiting and tilting to His design. That blind spot will blaze onto Hwy 30 at precisely the same time each year while circumstances change, and we leave this life like “a vapor that appears for a little while, and then vanishes away.”

A strengthening verse from Malachi pushed me on to Bible study: “I am the LORD, and I do not change.” It was time for a hymn of praise – “Immortal, invisible, God only wise, In light inaccessible hid from our eyes, Most blessed most glorious the Ancient of Days, Almighty, Victorious – Thy great name we praise!