Alcohol petition opposed

Dear Editor:

I see that Satan has reared his ugly head again in trying to get more alcohol into our town. You see, Satan is always in the “now” business. He doesn’t want us to see into the future, and know the pain and heartache that alcohol can cause.

I write with love and concern for all of those who get involved in partaking of this. I also am a victim of being abused as a child by someone who drank alcohol. The pain never really does away. By the grace of God, we learn to live with it.
New Albany has been my home now for many years. I grew up somewhere else. I have always loved living here; and now it breaks my heart to see the beer trucks in our town, and the beer in our shopping centers.
It is my prayer that all Christians will take a stand against this. We will be honoring our Lord, and preventing many people from going through the pain, heartache, and sorrow that drinking alcohol can cause.
I want to say thank you to the editor for allowing me to comment on this issue. If it will help one person, it will have been worth it.

Eva Tindall
New Albany