Blue Springs regulations

Getting good land use and zoning regulations in place near the new Toyota plant in Blue Springs is an important community issue.

Mike Slaughter, urban planning consultant for Oxford-based Slaughter and Associates, recently met with the Blue Springs Board of Aldermen to discuss land use, subdivision regulations and zoning. It’s part of a comprehensive plan developed by the consulting firm for Blue Springs.
Blue Springs is preparing to grow, both in size and population, because of an annexation that is nearly complete. It only needs clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice.
It is important to prevent willy-nilly unplanned and unregulated development near the plant that would result in the area becoming an eyesore. Problems created by such development are expensive to fix after they occur.
Blue Springs will need to conduct a public hearing about zoning in the annexed area before new regulations can be adopted. The village, which will soon become a town, needs to move as quickly as possible to get regulations in place.
Blue Springs is only part of the problem that will develop around the plant. Our county Board of Supervisors also needs to put strong zoning and land use regulations in place to head off a wealth of problems.
Waiting until the county is overwhelmed by problems caused by lack of strong standards is not the answer.