Ellistown Breezes

Fall is such a wonderful season.  The Lord is so good to us with the lovely things he gave us to freely enjoy.

J. D. and Jane Roberts and myself, attended the Annual Association Meeting held at Macedonia Church last Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011. We had a very enjoyable time and met a couple from the Philippines, the Reverend and Mrs. Roland, who are in this country trying to secure help in building a Southern Baptist Church in the Philippines.  They are a very impressive couple and I know they would appreciate your prayers in this project and financial help if you should wish.  They can be contacted through the Reverend Charles Rogers at the associational office in New Albany.  I don’t want to neglect to thank the ladies in their community for the bountiful tables of good food.  They fed the one-hundred-forty present without any problem.  I’ll say “hello” to Reverend Trent and Evelyn Grubbs who were already seated in the dining room when we stood in line, I trust they won’t hold it against me for not breaking out of line to talk with them.  We did acknowledge each others presence, and the fact that we are cousins just wasn’t strong enough to get me out of line as I was already smelling the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  I caught a glimpse of another cousin of Reverend Trent’s, Brother Roy Caldwell.  If I hear he broke the line to chat, I am in trouble.

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to a special lady, Peggy Rakestraw Humphreys.  She is special to me because she is the only child still living of the late Reverend Clarke and Myrtis Wages Rakestraw.  The Reverend Clarke Rakestraw was Pastor of Ellistown Church for many years when I was growing up.  One year he was principal of Ellistown Grammar School which happened to be the year I was graduated from the school.  Peggy will be 85 years young Sunday, October 30th, so wish her a happy birthday. She doesn’t mind you knowing her age since she doesn’t act or look her age.

Our group safely returned from the Smokey Mountains last week after what seemed to be an enjoyable trip, and said the leaves had not reached their peak.  However, Helen Randle and Dexter and Carolyn Griggs, who was ahead of the Ellistown Group several days, reported that the leaves on the other side of the mountains had peaked.  I’ll say that for the benefit of those who are planning on making the trip.

Last Saturday, Oct. 22, Buddy McCraw, his grandson, Stephen Hunter, and Buddy’s sister, Patsy McCraw, drove down and visited a while.  Hugh McCraw carried his daughter, Maggie, and her first cousin, Stephen Hunter, to the Carnival at Ellistwon School.  The children really enjoyed themselves and came back with blown up plastic toys and declared war with each other.

It seems Sara Pailin was quite a hit in Tupelo.  Cristie McCraw attended the conference and reported it to be very interesting.  The Tupelo paper also spoke well of her.

I wish you a Happy Halloween with bobbing apples, roasting hot dogs, and many “trick or treaters.”