River Players to perform three-act ‘Radio Daze’

A new play is coming to the stage that will make audiences laugh and make audiences remember the good ol’ days of radio.

Tallahatchie River Players’ production of “Radio Daze” is set in the 1940s during World War II and Americans are doing all they can to help the war effort, including looking out for government spies.
Everyone at the studio works on a soap opera called, “Dreams and Illusions” that is being bought out by a television station. But, spies might be lurking on the set, which makes everyone look suspicious,  including the janitor, two young male writers, three actresses, and the three elderly Swindle sisters who own the station. Overheard rumors, mixed-up scripts, and leaked information combine with romance and laughter to make audiences want to stay tuned for a play that’s a salute to the glorious “daze” of radio! “Radio Daze” is written by Shirley McNichols and distributed by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.
“Radio Daze” is a comedy in three acts and is the first show that John-Peter Springer Ford has ever directed.
Ford has worked on other TRP productions like, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “A Christmas Carol,” and “The Diary of Anne Frank.”  He was the stage manager for “Wizard of Oz” and was the assistant director for “Tom Sawyer.”
Ford said, “Directing is metaphorical. It’s like painting a picture. Theater gives people a chance to play characters or to be someone they would not normally be in real life, gives them a second personality.”
The cast list is as follows: John-Peter Springer Ford, director; Paulina Dennis, assistant director; Daniel Ford, lighting designer; Barbara Wise, sound designer; Kevin McBrayer, set designer; Kyra McArthur, stage manager; Bill Hughes as Bradford Hunicutt; Chuck McArthur as the announcer; Jamie Miller as Dash Darling; Donna Cobb as Connie Carol; CeCe McArthur as Mimi; Tennessee Hall as Claire; Austin Fitts as Clarke; Summer Smith as Alice; Carly Wilbanks as Betty; Laken Potts as Dorothy; Barry Wise as Agent Peabody; Lynn Harrison as Sadie Swindle; Sandra Ford as Sarah Swindle; Nick Robbins as Newton; Ben Robinson as Dirk Drivel; Victoria Willard as Darla Drivel; Kevin Kent as Jack Kelly; Logan Treadaway as Eugene Eubanks; Caty Vanderford as Daisy Airheart; MacKenzie Poole as
Lily Airheart; Kevin McBrayer as Howdy Airheart; Beverly Rutherford as Mrs. Blister; Kim Fitts as Miss Warner; Reid Williams as Michael Scriptman; Landon Knowlton as Junior Scriptman; Ellie Fitts as News Carrier/ WTRP Technical Staff; Hilliary McBrayer as WTRP Technical Staff; Casey Garrett as
WTRP Station Staff.
Original music  was composed by Derek Taylor, music arrangements by Derek Taylor, cast party director is Shanda McBrayer; front of house director is Cathy Garrett, and lobby displays are done by Opal Garrett.
“Radio Daze” will be on stage 7 p.m. nightly Nov. 10-12 at the Magnolia Civic Center, Cine Theatre in
downtown New Albany. Tickets are $8 and are available to the public starting Oct. 31. Tickets can be purchased at the New Albany Main Street Association office on 119 East Bankhead Street in New Albany. Call 662-534-3438 for ticket information.