My sore wrist, sports and paint

This and that from the past couple of weeks:
Tuesday morning when I woke up, my right wrist was sore. I started to tell my wife that I thought I had sprained my wrist holding the big candy bowl for all the trick or treaters.

But then I thought better of it. Jenny would have just rolled her eyes and said something about men being wimps. Who says I don’t learn from history?
Anyway, my wrist was sore. Even more kids than last year paraded through our neighborhood in costume Monday night.
Our neighbors across the street actually keep count. It was a record 923. We know we didn’t get quite that many because we had bought candy for about 800, and we had a few pieces left.
Shortly after we turned out the light, we got a phone call from a friend who lives down the street. He recently retired and moved back to New Albany after being gone for many years.
“What a wonderful thing,” he said. “It was just grand – all of the kids out trick or treating. It’s great to be back in New Albany.” 
             –  –  –
In the Gazette today is a glossy magazine section about high-school sports. It’s called the Winter Sports Preview, and it includes pictures and stories about girls’ and boys’ basketball at the New Albany and Union County schools, the girls’ and boys’ soccer teams at New Albany High School, and the cheerleaders at all the schools.
The section was put together by our sports editor, Elizabeth Zaremba, with the help of coaches and administrators at all of our public schools.
Earlier, we did a Fall Sports Preview that focused on football, softball and cross country. Because it was so popular, we decided to invest in a glossy magazine for basketball and soccer.
Let us know what you think of the Winter Sports Preview.
             –  –  –
Well, I like it. And, even more important, my wife likes it. What? The new paint color on the Gazette building on Carter Avenue. After looking at lots of possibilities, and even painting two samples on the concrete-block back wall of the building, we settled on something called Latte. It’s sort of a light taupe color.
It wasn’t our first pick. Originally, we were going have the building painted a darker shade. But after looking at it several times, I thought it reminded me too much of baby-diaper brown. You get the picture.
Anyway, Mike Stepp and his crew have finished scraping, sealing and putting two coats of new paint on the building.
And we’ve gotten some comments on it already. Betsey Hamilton left a voice mail saying she thought the building was much improved. So did another caller who didn’t leave her name. A colleague at the Gazette thinks the taupe color has too much of a yellow cast to it.
And when I asked a friend who drives by the building every day what he thought, he said he hadn’t noticed any difference. Oh, well.
Jenny says the new color makes the building look much more modern, especially with the black paint on the warehouse doors. So I passed the spouse test. Whew.

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at