Smoking ban takes effect Dec. 2

With no opposition from the citizens of New Albany, its board of aldermen unanimously voted to adopt a new ordinance Tuesday which places limits on smoking in public areas and many businesses.

The ordinance will go into effect on Dec. 2 – 30 days from the date the board passed it.
According to the ordinance, smoking is prohibitied within 25 feet of entrances to city-owned facilities, as well as other indoor areas where the public is invited, such as retail stores, restaurants, doctor’s offices and any building in which adult or child daycare services are offered, as well as many others.
Smoking is also prohibited in certain outside areas, such as outdoor seating areas of restaurants and sports arenas and venues.
Certain places are exempt from the ordinance, such as designated rooms at local hotels, private clubs that have no employees, as well as private residences not used for child, adult day care or healthcare services.
Business owners will be required to post signs which prohibit smoking at the primary entrance of the premises.  These signs are to be no smaller than 5 inches tall and wide.
According to the ordinance, any business that does not display such a sign on or after Dec. 2 will face a fine of $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second and $500 and revocation of city business licenses for a third offense. Individuals who violate the ordinance will face a $50 fine for the first offense and a $250 fine for the second or subsequent within a year.
The New Albany police department, as well as the city’s code enforcement officer will be charged with handing out the fines required under the ordinance.
The city is one of 40 municipalities in the region to pass a ban.