Anti-smoking ordinance supported

Dear Editor:

It’s my turn! For years and years I suffered with horrible sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and other ailments. It got so bad that my ears would stop up and I couldn’t hear. I’d get dizzy and could not drive. Finally, I had sinus surgery – a most painful and difficult experience.
When I was young, my parents smoked. No one could figure out why I was sick all the time. Once grown, I worked in an office that allowed smoking. Most restaurants and public areas had a smoking area which did very little to keep the air clear. Consequently, everywhere I went I was exposed to tobacco products.
After my surgery, the doctors ran a battery of allergy tests and surprise, surprise. I was more allergic to tobacco smoke than anything else. So I tied to avoid areas that allowed smoking, but unless I stayed home, there was no way to completely escape the problem.
The year my employer banned smoking in the building, my absences for illness dropped by more than half. Since then, I do not go to places that allow it. As an example, I went to the New Albany Huddle House once. The food was great, but I never returned because I could not breathe in there.
So I say “hurrah” for New Albany’s ordinance regarding tobacco products. It finally gets to be my turn to enjoy our public areas.
Diane M. Jones
New Albany