The right to pray at games

Last month, school districts across the state received a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation more or less threatening the districts and its employees who allow prayer before sporting events. This is something I never thought much of nor realized the impact it would eventually have.
While at the Cleveland-New Albany game last Friday night, it was the first time I witnessed what, I guess, will become the norm for schools in the area.
Before the National Anthem, the PA announcer told fans that they could pray, if they felt led to. No school personnel or students or religious organizations making this invitation, just an individual giving that simple statement.
From there, fans on Cleveland’s side began to recite the Lord’s Prayer, which eventually spread to the New Albany side until the entire stadium joined in unison.
Personally, it gave me chills and begs the question, why is more not being done to fight this and bring prayer back to pregame?
I cannot understand why an organization would be against a student from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes asking for protection for the kids on the field. I mean, when an athlete is injured during the game, don’t all of the players and cheerleaders on both sides kneel and pray for that individual? What’s the difference? Want to stop that as well?
One individual best described this situation as there being 100 people, and 99 are for one thing and one person is offended. Because of that one person, we have to change everything, catering to them.
But here’s the problem with that. This is the right to express our religious beliefs we’re  talking about, and the last time I checked, we were free to do so.
Taking the time to gather all information and learning what the New Albany and Union County School Districts plan to do in response to this, it seems like what I witnessed at Cleveland last week is what we will all start doing. Yes, it’s better than nothing, but I, along with many others, would much rather return to the simple prayer before each ball game.
I understand the position the school districts are in, and no one wants to deal with a lawsuit, but it’s a shame this is even an issue and this is what our world has come to. Hopefully in the future, this will be fought and someone will stand up to this organization.