Supervisors set date for wine, spirits vote

The vote on allowing the sale of wine and spirits in New Albany will be conducted Tuesday, Jan. 10.

The election date was set Monday by the Union County Board of Supervisors after the Board of Election Commissioners checked the validity of petitions from Citizens for Voing.
The commissioners said 1,507 valid names on petitions had been submitted. The law requires at least 1,500 for the issue to be placed on the county-wide ballot.
Thad Mueller, attorney for the Board of Supervisors, recommended the Jan. 10 date. By law, the election must be held within 60 days from the time the petitions were submitted.
Mississippi law states that a vote on the issue of wine and spirits must be conducted county-wide, but sale of wine and liquor in restaurants or package stores can only occur in incorporated cities with at least 2,500 populations. No sales could occur outside the city limits of New Albany.
New Albany began selling beer in restaurants and stores more than a year ago after the issue was approved by city voters.
The last election in Union County on the wine and spirits issue was held in November 2008. It failed, 43 percent to 57 percent. A simple majority is required for passage.
Currently 48 of 82 Mississippi counties allow the sale of wine and liquor. Forty-six allow the sale of beer county-wide, but many municipalities, including New Albany, in dry counties also allow beer sales.