Investigators seeking pet killers

Union County Sheriff’s investigators are tracking down leads into the recent brutal killings of dogs in the Alpine community.

According to Investigator Roger Garner, approximately six dogs have been missing by their owners since mid-November, with some having been found dead in a creek off of Union County Road 168.
“Since about Nov. 15, we’ve taken reports of dogs missing on County Roads 176, 171 and 188, all in the Alpine Community,” Garner said.  “There have been two reports from 171.”
Garner said another dog was reported missing on Wednesday morning, by a resident of County Road 193.
He went on to say that the dogs that have been found in the creek off County Road 168 were killed in horrific ways.
“Some of the dogs were wrapped in duct tape, with their throats cut,” Garner said.  “Some others were simply beheaded.”
An owner of one of the dogs found near the creek who wished not to be identified by name, said her family’s Siberian husky, Lizzie, went missing on approximately Nov. 18.
“We found her on Thanksgiving Day,” the owner said.  “She had duct tape around her neck, chest and one front leg, had been stuffed in a garbage bag and tossed into a local creek.”
The owner went on to say that a neighbor came to her house two days after Lizzie went missing and said her dog had gone missing the same day.
Garner said that there has not been a pattern regarding the breed of dogs that have been taken.
“These dogs have been beagles
Garner said that he has received reports from nearby residences of a white car or SUV with a Lee County tag in the area.
“The reports we’ve received are that someone in this car or SUV was seen trying to call dogs to the car,”  Garner said.  “When they realized they had been spotted, the witnesses said they drove off.”
Because the suspected vehicle has a Lee County tag,  and the area is so close to the county line, Garner said he has contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Department to be on the lookout.
“If anyone has any information into these killings,  or has seen anything suspicious in the area, call us at 662-534-1941,” Garner said.