Not in our town

The outpouring of concern and support for the Price family is just what we expected from our community.

The heinous crime, the slaying of Amanda Price, a speech pathologist in the New Albany schools, and the wounding of her football coach husband, Ron, has touched virtually everyone in our community.
Amanda Price affected the lives of many of our children in her position as a speech pathologist working in all three of our city schools. She was highly respected in her job, and her smile and enthusiasm were an inspiration to many.
Ron Price is the epitome of what every school district wants in a football coach: He wins games, but more importantly, he imparts strong values and high standards to his players, both on and off the field.
We in the community have responded in the right way. A college fund has been created for three-year-old Molly Addison.
Within hours of the crime, citizens began pledging money to a reward fund. The fund already exceeds $20,000. We think the reward fund may help in a case with few physical clues from the scene.
We’re confident the New Albany Police Department, with the assistance of the county Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol, is committing every resource possible to finding whomever is responsible. We expect this homicide will be solved
We’re a community where most citizens feel comfortable outside their homes, day or night. We’re a community known as a good place to raise children. We’re not going to let that change because of this tragedy.
We don’t tolerate homicides. Not in our town.