Remembering Amanda Price

It’s times like this where we are unable to grasp how the human mind sometimes works and what could cause someone to inflict pain upon, not only a family, but an entire community.
Late Monday evening, I, like so many of you, received the devastating news about Coach Ron Price and his late wife, Amanda. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the Prices over the last four years, as Ron became the head coach of the Bulldogs the same year I started at the Gazette. I was overcome, emotionally, but also had the unfortunate task of helping my editor prepare a story for Wednesday’s paper.
From the texts, tweets and Facebook messages I received from all of you, one question rose above the rest: How could something of this magnitude happen to this family?
I’ve credited Coach Price as being one of the most God-fearing, stand-up Christian men that I know, and it is that faith that we all need to grasp at this time.
Yes, there’s anger.
Amanda was loved by so many, and the thought of someone taking her life is beyond comprehension, but for everything in life, God has an answer.
The way the community has come together in this tragic time is astonishing. The city/county allegiances have been put aside, as everyone has shown support for the New Albany High family. Students have also used social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to spread the word and lift prayers for everyone involved.
The Bible verse I saw the most throughout that evening was Genesis 50:20: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many.” Word of Amanda’s unfortunate death has done just that; reminded us of God’s love for us, as we now celebrate the life of a woman who gave so much to New Albany.
We have one of two things we can do now; allow this tragedy to overtake us or to rise above this. One comment I heard was that New Albany would never be the same, and they’re right. We will not be the same; we will be better because we were blessed to have known Amanda and witnessed the influence she had on so many.
I came across this quote on Twitter, and I find it most appropriate, as it perfectly describes Coach Price and his ultimate goal for the Bulldogs: “It started with a coach and a dream, not of just winning games, but shaping the lives of young men in a Christ like way that has affected us all.”
Truer words cannot be spoken, and the influence the Prices have on the community is evident given the tremendous support  and turnout from the community during both Wednesday’s visitation and the funeral service yesterday.
Only time can heal the pain so many are experiencing, and in the end, there will be justice.
God Bless the Price and Cossey families and New Albany.