A chance to share

Many more families have qualified this year for aid from the 37th annual Sharing at Christmas program, which provides food and toys to those in need in Union County.

This year 264 families qualified for aid, compared to 228 families who received aid last year. Obviously, the needs are much greater this year in our community.
Volunteers are busy packing food boxes, and toys and blankets are being purchased for distribution. Soon volunteers will be fanning out across the county to distribute care packages. In fact, everything is on track except the fundraising.
Unless we have a rush of giving in the final days, we will actually spend more this year than has been contributed.
That’s where you come in. We hope that if you have the resources that you will consider helping push the giving over the $15,000 goal. Last year a little more than $14,000 was contributed.
A donation coupon appears in each issue of the Gazette. You can fill it out as a regular donation, or as a donation from you or your family in honor of someone you know, or in memory of someone deceased. We’ll print the names and amounts in each issue. The newest donations always will appear on the top of the list.
Of course, if you prefer your contribution to be anonymous, just check the box on the coupon. We’ll honor your request.
We hope you’ll join the spirit of the holiday by making a donation if you can.     
All of us at the Gazette appreciate your support for Sharing at Christmas. Have a good holiday season.