County rivals split in bowling

County rivals squared off on Tuesday, with West Union boys and East Union girls winning their respective matches.

Laken Hughes led the Lady Urchins, bowling a 489 during the first set of games. Taylor Dill and Brittany Parks bowled a 430 and 359 respectively, as East Union won all four games with a total of 1278-904.
Laken Brewer led the Lady Eagles in the second set, bowling a 520, as West and East split the games, and the Lady Eagles finishing six pins better, 1198-1192.
Kurt Stevens bowled a 628 for the Eagles, as West Union won five games and lost three to defeat the Urchins.
The group of Zak Jumper, Ryan Hearn, Baggett and V.P. Carrero swept the Urchins, 4-0, finishing 1435-1237, while the East Union team of Blake Farrar, Bailey Spruill and Josh Steele won the second set, three games to one, 1629-1481.
Individual scores for each team are as follows: West Union girls: Harley Watson 75, Anna Hutchens 327, Lauren Brewer 520, Ashley Herod 105, Callie Baggett 171, Stephanie Floyd 153, Breanna Thomas 207, Callie Baggett 287, Baylee Evans 164 and Ashley Herod 93.
East Union girls: Callie Davis 417, Jessica Bishop 292, Stephanie Hardy 483, Taylor Dill 430, Brittany Parks 359 and Laken Hughes 489.
West Union boys: Chandler Baggett 363, Brady Turner 147, Kurt Stevens 628, Colt Forester 140, Adien Hill 122, Jonathan Barnes 81, Zak Jumper 505, Ryan Hearn 315, Dalton Baggett, 571 and V.P. Carrero, 114.
East Union boys: Blake Farrar 502, Bailey Spruill 523, Josh Steele 604, Zac Hutcheson 337, Jamie Wilhite 431 and Tyler Gray 469.