East Union footbal editorial criticized

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the “Our Opinion” section in Friday’s Dec. 16, New Albany Gazette.

The title was East Union Football. I read this with an open mind several times and my conclusion has been the same each time, it was very tactless and the information was not all correct. First, at the end of the articles section there is a gray box and it says all letters to the editor should have a name, address, etc.
If we the readers are supposed to put names who say “Our Opinion” is not. Secondly, addressing of academics as in struggling and insulating a school but not naming it. That in itself is mildly deceptive and not very ethical. East Union School has moved forward in their academic achievements in part to our Great principals, teachers, students and parents. I would think the local paper would try being more objective, if the heading says football, do not try to put deceptive measures in at the last paragraph. The bold and slightly larger print was also not missed. This is My Opinion and if it had been kept to the heading and not wavered from the subject I would not be sending this in. I am a proud graduate of East Union, My children go to East Union and I appreciate all the East Union Staff. It seems that the main goal in any sports program should be to keep children active in school functions, to keep their grades up, and scholarship opportunities. I am excited for any new sports program that can offer new opportunities for our kids, no matter which school it may be.
This is my opinion and many I have discussed with on Facebook, I think the article could have been done different and with a lot more tact and information.

Mary Nobles
New Albany