Rakestraw steps away from county service after 28 years on the job

After working in the Union County tax assessor and collector position since 2000, Dennis Rakestraw is retiring as of Dec. 31, 2011 and plans to spend time with his family and enjoy life.

Although Rakestraw has been the tax assessor and collector since 2000, he has worked in the same office since 1983. He was the chief appraiser for the county since 1983 and his job responsibilities included setting values on every piece of property in the county.
As the tax assessor and collector, he handled all of the county mapping, collected taxes, handled car tags, homestead exemptions, privilege licenses and more.
“If I didn’t have a good crew, I couldn’t make it,” said Rakestraw, who had nine people helping him with daily responsiblities.
Rakestraw said that the part of his job that he has liked most is meeting all of the people in the community and working with the public. In addition to meeting so many people in the county, he also has learned the county well by driving every single road in the county.
“After I retire, I hope I can keep my health up and do what I want to do. I have been working for 33 years – I am going to get out while I can and I am still in good health. I am an avid sportsman and love to hunt and fish, so I will probably do that some as well as travel and spend time with my grandchildren,” said Rakestraw. He has five grandchildren.
“I will really miss the people I have worked with. We have been together for a long time. They are reliable and dependable and I have never had to worry about things getting done while I was gone because they are so good at their job,” said Rakestraw.