How not to do it

The New Albany Board of Aldermen recently demonstrated a classic way not to handle the business of the city.

We are talking about the somewhat bizarre handling of the awarding of the city’s property insurance business.
As we understand it, the city’s business has been handled for years by the Twitty Insurance Agency. We don’t think the city has regularly published a notice that it was taking proposals from local insurance agencies for its business.
This year, though, Ray Collins of Collins Insurance Agency presented the board in a public meeting with a plan to provide more insurance for less money than the city had been paying. The board voted to transfer the city business to Collins.
This is where it gets interesting. According to Mayor Tim Kent, Dickson Simmons of the Twitty Agency showed up with his renewal proposal and was told the city already had awarded the business to Collins. The mayor said Simmons did not turn in his proposal, but instead went back and reworked it.
The Twitty Insurance Agency submitted a new proposal reducing the cost under the amount Collins had proposed. Opinions differ about whether the Twitty plan provides the same amount of insurance coverage as the Collins plan. The mayor said the plans are similar.
In any case, the board then voted 5-0 at its next meeting to give the business back to the Twitty Agency.
We don’t think what the city did was fair. Insurance proposals should be submitted at the same time in sealed envelopes. Hopefully, the board will come up with a proper way to handle its property insurance business next year.