Two arrested in recent burglaries

Two Tupelo men have been charged in connection with recent car burglaries on Murrah Road, according to New Albany Police Department authorities.

James “Bing” Wildman, assistant chief for the department, said that Timothy Conley, 19, of 3378 Robert Kennedy Dr. and Byron A. Weatherspoon, 20, of 390 Blackjack Rd., both in Tupelo, have been charged with several counts of auto burglaries.
“Both men face two counts of auto burglary in the city, as well as other counts from the county and in Sherman,” Wildman said.
Wildman said that the two men allegedly committed the car break-ins that occurred late last Monday night or early last Tuesday morning.
“Investigators soon found a car with some of the stolen items in it over by the Windshield Doctor,” Wildman said.  “We later found out that the car belonged to Witherspoon.”
Wildman said that some of the items found in the car included a rifle, camera equipment, cell phones and global positioning systems.
He went on to say that investigators believe the two men were not alone in these and other burglaries in the county and Sherman.
“We think in total there were four to five persons involved,” Wildman said.  “The investigation is, of course, still ongoing and we expect more arrests.”
He went on to say that Conley is also charged with house burglary for allegedly breaking into two houses on Dec. 20, 2011.  He said some Christmas presents were taken from both houses.
Including the charges in New Albany, Union County and Sherman, both Witherspoon and Conley face six counts of burglary of an automobile.