Lady ‘Dawg seniors talk about playoffs

It’s been spoken of many times, the youth of New Albany’s girls’ soccer team. At any given game, at least seven freshman take the field, and it’s been that way for the last two years, which would make you think they do not have much success.
And that’s where you’re wrong.
The Lady Bulldogs made history Tuesday night, defeating Lewisburg to advance to the second round of the 4A playoffs for the first time in school history. Yes, those freshmen play a large part in the success, but guiding them are four seniors, who made it their personal goal to accomplish this particular feat.
“When we lost at Lewisburg last year (first round playoffs), I saw the hurt on Brittany Ellett’s face and on the face of all of the seniors, so I made it my goal to make history this year,” Morgan Odle said.
Along with Andrea Hall, Summer Sanderson and Randi Stevens, the Lady Bulldogs finished second to Corinth in division play, which placed them on the road at Lewisburg earlier this week. Now with this win behind them, the Lady Bulldogs can focus on continuing to advance in the playoffs while proving their critics wrong.
“This is showing everyone that we are a good team,” Sanderson said. “We can work together and we can make it somewhere. We’re better than a lot of people think we are.”
And there’s no competition as far as who’s the better athletes on this team. While they may hold seniority, these upperclassmen are quick to credit their young teammates.
“I’ve only been playing for two years, so I look up to some of them, like Kristen (Olson),” Odle said. “When I watch them, I try to learn from them.”
“Down the road, they’re going to be that much better because they learned early on how to play as a team,” Stevens added. “They’ve been together for all of these years, and I’m sure they played on youth teams growing up, so there’s so much potential for this team in the future.”
This year’s accomplishment is just another to add to what the Lady Bulldogs have achieved the last two seasons, which the girls give credit to the ones who have graduated before them.
“Back when Kelly Skinner and Callie Creekmore played, that was the first year we made the playoffs. We set the goal, and we were the first in history to do that,” Hall said.
“Now to be the first to make it to the second round is such an honor, and I think it was just the seniors in the past setting that goal, and that encouraged us to set goals for ourselves.”
NAHS will play in the second round of the playoffs at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday at Kitchens’ Field.