Weekend high points

We watched the big game last weekend. Well, actually I watched the big game.
Jenny started out watching it with me, but she kept nodding off. I had to nudge her a few times so she could watch the replays of the most exciting parts.

It was a seesaw affair. Back and forth it went. We fell behind in the second half, but came back in the closing minute to win. I about went nuts.
Did you watch it, too?
No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl. It was really good, too, and I like Eli Manning a lot. But around our house the big game wasn’t the New York Giants and Boston Patriots. It wasn’t even football.
It was the Missouri Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday night. Now, college basketball, that’s exciting, and Kansas is Missouri’s big rival. I’ve loved college basketball ever since I showed up at the University of Missouri as a freshman in 1963.
Back then, Missouri played in something called Brewer Fieldhouse. That’s what it was, too.
It was a big old barn-like building with a dirt floor for track and field events.
There was a raised basketball floor in the middle, but most of the seating consisted of wooden bleachers set up on the dirt. As fans got excited and started jumping up and down on the bleachers, a cloud of dust would rise in the fieldhouse.
Back then we didn’t beat Kansas very often and we still don’t. But it was the big game then and it still is, even though it’s now played in a fancy new 15,000-seat arena.
And because the team is nationally ranked, the game was televised on ESPN. So I actually got to watch it here in Mississippi. It was the high point of my weekend.
         –  –  –  –  –
Speaking of high points, the weekend before last was pretty good, too. I was in Jackson for the annual Mississippi Press Association advertising awards.
The Gazette was recognized for the second year in a row for its Explore magazine, the tourism and community-marketing publication. Explore won first place for best glossy section among all the non-daily newspapers in the state.
We’ve starting revising the content for the third annual edition of Explore, which we publish each June.
You may remember that it is inserted into the Gazette for readers of the paper, but the largest distribution is through hotels, restaurants and other pick-up points throughout the year. The magazine also is used for community marketing by the hospital, our Realtors, and the Union County Development Association.
The magazine is produced by the Gazette newsroom staff and the advertisements are done by Ian McKee, our graphics and technology guru.
The Gazette also won first-place in its circulation-size category for best special section published on newsprint. It was for the “Champs” section honoring the New Albany High School girls’ basketball team for winning the state championship in 2011.
Sports Editor Elizabeth Zaremba handled the news content of the section and the advertising again was put together by Ian.
T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at publisher@newalbanygazette.com.