Charter schools opposed

Dear Editor:

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, along with Senate Education Chairman, Sen. Gray Tollison, have recommended a bill, SB 2401, that would take local ad valorem taxes from one district to fund a charter school in another district. It is unimaginable that the our elected representatives would pass a law to fund charter schools in one county with tax dollars from another.

Also, the bill would fund virtual charter schools with local ad valorem taxes being taken from towns like New Albany, Oxford, and Pontotoc and sent to California, Colorado and New York. Local funds should not be used for charter schools, especially in another county or state.
Tate Reeves needs to be careful who he listens to. Forest Thigpen, the person who has been pushing charter schools for years, is funded by home-school advocates, a group that makes up less than one percent of Mississippi’s population.
If folks with low performing public schools want charter schools, let them have them. But those of us with good public schools don’t want them – and we don’t want our local tax dollars going to pay for them.
Catering to less than one percent of voters is a bad strategy. Keep charter schools out of our good school districts!

Lorie Grisham Wade
New Albany