Support our theater

The Tallahatchie River Players, our community theater group, is presenting “Crimes of the Heart,” a play that involves Southern comedy, tragedy and scandal, at the Magnolia Civic Center this weekend.

The play, which won a Pulitzer Prize, was written by Mississippi native Beth Henley. It revolves around three sisters who must come to grips with the crimes of the heart that they have committed.
That’s all well and good, you say, but why are we writing an editorial opinion about it?  Because we are concerned about the level of community support for theater productions in our county.
As of Thursday morning, only a few tickets had been sold in advance for “Crimes of the Heart.” The performances were scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
We understand that the seats are not reserved for this production and there may be a good number of tickets sold at the box office before the performances. But having so little advance support is a concern.
We suggest the Tallahatchie River Players, as well as the group supporting the Tupelo Symphony Orchestra performance here April 1, plan to  develop a season ticket series of performances with firm dates. Often communities that have very successful attendance records for such events sell many of the tickets by season series.
The lack of an advanced ticket shouldn’t be an excuse for any of us to miss the current play, however. The cultural calendar in New Albany is not that crowded. See you at the theater.