Brothers pursuing tennis dream

For the Scott brothers, tennis is a passion; one that landed them a once-in-a-lifetime experience last month.
Members of a country club in Memphis, Tenn., Christian and Christopher received an invite to tryout to serve as ball boys during the ATP World Tennis Tour. Their selection gave them the chance to hang out with pro players during the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships.
“We tried out and got it, pretty much because we’re tall and could take the hits because the serves are so fast,” Christopher said. “When we got there at first, we didn’t get to meet anyone we really knew, then we got to meet Andy Roddick, and that was such a great experience. He’s a very interesting guy and a good tennis player, so it was a great experience.”
The twins had the chance to work with five professionals, including Roddick, who took time to give pointers to the boys.
“The day before the championships, I got to experience giving them their towels and water, watched them warm up, then got to go to the Racquet Club, where we got to be ball boys for five professionals,” Christian said. “Andy Roddick was one of the best experiences, because we got to see his serve and he gave us pointers for when we’re on the court and handling the ball.”
Added Christopher, “Just to see them, it was life changing, because we take tennis very seriously and want to pursue this after high school. I would recommend to any high school to do this, because there’s so much you can learn, and it was just a neat experience.”
Both became interested in tennis, playing in Tupelo, but stepped away from the game to briefly pursue football. Returning to tennis, the duo routinely travels to Memphis, Tenn. to play as well as competing with the New Albany High tennis team.
“We stepped away from the game for a couple years, but continued to follow it, then we realized how amazing of a sport it is and remembered how we played at one point,” Christopher said. “We joined the New Albany Middle School team, and have gone through tons of training, and now we’re at this point.”
Adding to the uniqueness of the brothers playing at NAHS is that they compete together as a doubles team, something that they enjoy, but admit has its obstacles.
“It’s fun and definitely interesting, and as brothers, we tend to have moments where we argue over who missed the ball, but we have a bond we share on the court. It’s a great experience.”
The duo defeated Grenada’s Chace Holland and Tanner Aldridge in the number two doubles position on Tuesday (6-3, 6-2), and have high expectations for the Bulldogs this season.
“We are going to win state,” Christopher said. “That is on my mind, nothing can change that. It’s our goal, we talk about it every day as a team, and that’s our focus.”
NAHS was scheduled to compete on Thursday against North Pontotoc and will host Pontotoc next Monday.